Team Evaluation to Build Community Partnerships

Step 1: Team Evaluation

Approach teams in your area for any power sports such as football, basketball, hockey, soccer and more. Propose a 1-hour team evaluation to get the following speed data on each athlete:

Speed - top speed and average

Power - measured with force sensors

Acceleration - time to peak speed

Explosiveness - time to peak power

Balance - left / right forces from lower limbs

Endurance - repeated bouts at full capacity

The pricing strategy here is to keep the rate for the team evaluation fairly low, this is how you get new clients through your doors. 

Step 2: Share Results

After the evaluation is completed, set up a quick meeting to share with the coaches, parents and athletes the areas for improvement.

Example: The testing as revealed that Jo has great power, but the time that it takes him to reach peak power is too slow. Learning how to deploy power more efficiently, will be a key component of his program.

This is your opportunity to provide a solution to their problems, and help them become faster athletes.

Step 3: the Speed Program

Get the entire team to sign up for the HiTrainer Speed Program or work individually by creating a more specific Strength and Conditioning program. They are now ready to invest and become part of your program. Your approach with speed and data is very reassuring to coaches and parents.

Step 4: Increase your Clientele

Once the athletes have been through your speed program, and see the results, your facility's name will be on everybody's lips.  This process will get you a lot of new athletes who all want to get faster. Every year, the athletes will come back to test themselves again on the HiTrainer to track their improvements.




  • $15 X 10 participants per hour


  • 4-week program (2XW)
  • $100/athlete X 10 participants


* Above rates are on a suggestion basis only.

* * Pricing strategy might vary depending of your market and group size.


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