How To Increase Your PT Revenues?

When looking at how much trainers can typically generate from Personal Training, we usually witnessed a trend to book clients for a 60-minute session at a determined hourly rate.

With the efficiency of Walks with Resistance, Sprints and Intervals on the HiTrainer, we are able to slightly change the current business model. By combining the HiTrainer with other functional movements, we were able to develop ''Express Workouts'' that last only 15-minute from warm up to cool down and generate amazing results. 

With this new format, we're able to see more clients within the hour, therefore increasing the personal trainers' revenues. For an exemple, trainers will sell their HiTrainer Express Session for $25 per person, or $20 per person for a small group of 2 or 3 persons. A lot more people can afford a Personal Trainer at this rate, you're now expending your market to a larger demographic.

The HiTrainer data provides great motivation, but more importantly, creates a high percentage of retention. If you show your clients results, they will sign on again and again. 

The best of all, our clients with a busy schedule (which is mostly everybody!) will spend less time at the gym and they will thank you for it !


A few Trainers Who Have Implemented the HiTrainer into their Programs...

Quick assessments on the HiTrainer with your clients will keep them motivated and build a solid trust between them and your trainers. This is key for client retention and future referrals.
— George-Anthony, Brainstorm Fitness, San Diego

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